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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 12, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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lauren: we share a green room. mornings with maria starts right now. maria: good morning to you. happy monday. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday december 12th top story. >> i just don't believe as president elect that solving the world's biggest problems are best done by ignoring people and having, you know, crumby relationships across the globe and so we just don't employee that talking to part-time and having relationships is a bad thing. maria: coming up what tillerson's experience means abroad. as a result oil right now at
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53.87 incident almost up 5% this morning. maria: take a look at futures, really searching for direction. nasdaq looking lower this morning after the record set on friday. in europe markets are under pressure this morning. that is pressuring some of the strength in the u.s. as well. ftse, cac quarante fractionally down this morning. nikkei average was up almost 1%. the hang seng down one and a half percent. the first major storm of the season dumping storm across the midwest growning more than one thousand flights and detroit has been hit with up two ten inches. we have all the forecasts you want coming up. boeing strikes 17 billion-dollar deal with iran.
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first since sanctions were lifted. boeing will sell planes to iranian government. chipotle eyeing drive-throughs, president-elect trump taking office in just a couple of months. there's still questions about what the trump administration means and will do for business. we've got a look at some ceo's and what they are afraid of, we will bring you the list. all the stories coming up monday morning and joining me to talk about recon capital kevin kelly and harlan hill. dagen mcdowell on her way out. she's doing double-duty right now. kevin: let's night it went to sudden death and the weather was cold and fun to watch. maria: live coming up this morning. former mcdonalds ceo ed is with us. fox news senior judicial analyst
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andrew napolitano is here. jack brewer with exciting games in football. president-elect trump will nominate tillerson. >> he's much more than a business executive. he's a world-class player. he's in charge of, i guess, the largest company in the world and to me a great advantage is he knows many of the players and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia and for the company. >> obviously they've done enormous deals together that that would color his approach to vladimir putin and h russian threat. maria: joining us right now new york congressman, good to see
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you. thanks so much for joining us. what do you make of tillerson. no kidding, he's doing business in russia. >> there's going to be a vetting. people have questions to ask as he should. this is the secretary of state position. people are concerned about what the future of the iran nuclear deal should look like, what the u.s. relations should be with israel and the conflicts. there are important questions to ask. as ceo of exxon mobile, for decades he's been active and outspoken on the climate change issue. how does that conflict or deconflict with the president elect's position on climate change. a lot of the diplomacy that rex tillerson has experience with will be energy exploration which is great. what about all the other challenges that come as secretary of state. so the vetting component of it
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is something that should take place regardless of whoever on that entire list the president elect ultimately chose. maria: what do you guys think? on the one hand he should be vetted in terms of relationship ties that he has done, but on the other hand, here is a guy that knows the hot spots in the world and has had to deal as donald trump would say bad hombres. kevin: it's important to know that the u.s. has had conflicting policy specially when it comes to middle east and bashar al-assad in syria. that's been an ongoing conflict that has dogged american diplomacy specially secretary kerry. i think what donald trump is trying to send across is he wants somebody that knows how to handle these people and has negotiated and has the long
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history of dealing with them. you think this is a good pick? >> well, you know, i think it has a potential of being a great pick as long as rex tillerson is prepared as you move past the energy piece of diplomacy, you mentioned syria as an example. we are being tested right now and when there's a vacuum created there are people here in the united states who ideally believe that we should disengage from everywhere around the world. in syria, russia moved in. we are being tested by iran and china-nation building and north korea. russia going into ukraine. what is rex tillerson's vision of how to leverage whatever good will and position we have as leader of free world to deal with this and ensure that the good guys are the ones prepailing. harlan: by making a fortune 500
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pick, is it interesting in tackling the trade deals? ran with 7,000 employees and has much more familiarity with policy across the globe. does he signal that he's going to take it seriously? >> you have someone who believes in free trade, becoming secretary of state for a president elect who campaigned on a populist message of entering to good trade deals and if we are going to renegotiate trade deals as the president elect has mentioned, what's rex tillerson's vision as far as nafta goes and move to asia. we need to ensure that there's the right chemistry there with the president elect and the future of negotiating trade deals and what countries we should negotiate with. coming from exxon mobile perspective, in the best interest of his company, but this is different now because now it's what's in the best interest of our country, the
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united states of america. maria: dagen mcdowell joining the conversation back from double duty. good morning. [laughter] dagen: you talk about chemistry it's rex tillerson's chemistry. given what we found about the potential agencies about the potential hacking of the u.s. election to sway in donald trump's favor, dismissing that and then you have tillerson as the potential expected nominee to run the state department, this just adds another layer that could potentially get in the way of him being approved. >> well, exactly. you don't have a lot of room. used to be 60. now only you need 51. he has to be prepared for the vetting.
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as far as the relations with russia, american-foreign policy should be one if we were to simplify but important is strengthening relationship with our friends, treating the enemies, they don't respect weakness, they only respect strength. how does that play with our relation specifically with russia when we have other countries that we consider allies in contrary positions in a lot of key issues with russia? that certainly needs to be vetted to see how the order of friendship as position of exxon mobile ceo what that means as far as american foreign policy as secretary of state. maria: these are all questions that are being circulated now which will come up in any confirmation hearing. trump makes ways this weekend about comments on one china policy. >> i fully understand the one china policy, having to do with
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other things including trade. maria: why niece foreign ministry spokesperson reported respond today that. the government is seriously concerned about trump's comments. a development of ties between the u.s. and taiwan, he said, quote, are out of the question. congressman, what's your take on this? obviously trump has been rattling the china cage for a little while. he's questioning this one-china policy. should we not be dealing in any way, shape or form with taiwan, not to upset china. >> this is a democratic republic who we do deal with and he took a call from a democratic republican and the hypocrisies who are going out of their way, criticizing for taking a call from the democratic republic are the same people who would praise barack obama for making
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unilateral concessions to the castros in cuba. there are hypocrisies of those criticizing the president elect the most. we have smaller countries in that region who rely on the water ways for fishing, for many different important economic activities and we have a lot of alliances there in the region. the pr very clear that we are not behold into this country that is threatening us and threatening our allies and we are going to stick for ourselves and make economic decisions that are going to help american economy and the american worker. i think the relationship is going to change and change for the better because i believe china will respect the fact that the president elect is acting in the best interest of the united states of america. that's what this is about. i think they would understand that and respect that. we need to be more consistent with the policy. maria: it feels like the chinese
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make sure that we know theare taking notice of this. kevin: donald trump is coming onto them on a lot of different aspects. there are a lot of moving parts and that's why it makes secretary of state so critical because there's south china sea and relationship with japan. maria: oil prices today big story, up 4 and a half percent, kevin. kevin: it's showing you how critical it is that our -- saudi arabia are hoping with ipo soon. they need today get the deal done and that's why you saw them push it through. maria: congressman, what from your standpoint should be priorities for the trump administration? >> repeal and replace obama -- obamacare, not being advocate
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from that bench, reforming the department of veterans affairs and doing all of this, hitting the ground running, not taking the first year or two trying to figure out to do in year three. doing the first hundred days, 200 days ago with all the vision he campaigned on, a lot of the american public is looking for action and he has a republican congress to help him get him done. maria: coming up next, boeing seals the largest deal between american company and iran in 35 years. 80 jets to iran. we have the details coming up. chipotle spicing things up. the idea of drive, the -- drive-thrus. an idea that executives have been giving the cold shoulder for a while.
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back in a minute
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. maria: welcome back, a massive winter storm in the midwest. lauren: the snow grounded 1800 flights yesterday including a thousand at chicago o'hare. according to flight aware travelers can expect more trouble today. o'hare already canceling 66
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flights, detroit metro grounding another 48, the region is not expecting anymore snow until next weekend but the frigid temperatures remain so bundle up. there was a scare during the storm. a delta flight squidded off while landing yesterday finally coming to the stop in the grass. none of the 65 passengers or the crew members were injured. they had to exit from the tail of the aircraft. fly was on its way to buffalo. delta launched an investigation into the incident and boeing has sealed a nearly nearly 17-dollar year to sell 80 jets to iran, first major deal since tehran. donald trump vow to go tear up the nuke deal. unclear if he plans to block any
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deals in the works when iran and u.s. companies. well, you can soon order and eat a burrito bowl from the comfort of your own car. chipotle maybe warming up to the idea of drive-through locations. having a drive-through at the company's newly open tasty made, the burger joint, that could lead to a change of heart for chipotle executives. chipotle shares are down about 23% this year as they try to recover from last year's e. coli crisis. maria: that's something big to get over. comping up the swiss company to acquire, potential 5 billion-dollar deal coming up next and all eyes on the federal reserve meeting. two-day meeting kicks off tomorrow. now the conversation moves to is
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maria: check out futures, this trump rally continues. looks like it's tired this morning. the dow jones industrial expected to open to a record high, 8 points. nasdaq down one and a half of 1%. closing at another record high on friday. the dow industrial ending higher for the fifth week in a show. joining us right now chief strategist, phil orlando. thanks so much for joining us.
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do you think the rally continues? >> we are nervous about fiscal policy. the election results came, they were surprising, right after the election we increased our equity allocation and reduced our treasury allocation and got more exposed. what we thought was going to happen the s&p was going to rally to 2500 -- i'm sorry, 250. we have another three weeks to go in the year. the market has gotten ahead of itself. do we start to discount next year and allow this to grind up or sort of consolidate a little bit? that's the question we don't know. from a technical perspective, folks are telling us, you know 2350 to 2400 next year. at that point, pricing all of next year's gain by the spring.
6:24 am
maria: the valuations are not outsized yet. you are talking about the financials, trading 17 times. it's not that even though we have seen like goldman sachs up 30% in a month and bank of america 25% in a month. they are priced well relative to earnings growth. dagen: right, particularly if you do the math. who was anthony chan? maria: yeah. dagen: rollback in regulations and tax reform, how much of a boost you get to the earnings. maria: 20%. dagen: you factor that in and stocks don't look expensive here. however, how much times are investors going to give trump administration to get things done. some of them they can do immediately that really do benefit -- a lot of the labor-related executive orders, but that tax reform, how many months do you get, how much leeway do investors do in --
6:25 am
>> our best guess is a hundred days or so. we hope congress will vote on it before summer recess. so i guess once the stock market gets essentially pricing in the extra $5 in growth, at that point, are we going to get the legislation to support stronger economic's growth? maria: i tell you one thing, i had the majority leader kevin mac car -- mccarthy, they are all in session in all of february because they want to
6:26 am
get stuff done in the first hundred days. kevin: that would be phenomenal. we haven't seen all sectors participate. some of the leadership including technology has been hit hard. where are you seeing the best places for people to put capital and what sectors should they be looking at? >> you hit the nail on the head. going into the election we were with emphasis on the defense. very stable companies and shifted the allegation to economic sensitive, industrial, energies, areas that would benefit from a stronger economy. so what you've seen as maria pointed out, financial stocks have run but the telco's have been struggling because there's rotation to discount the improved economic growth. right now at that time the bet we make. however, you make a valid point.
6:27 am
the dividend stocks have gotten crushed here. they are actually pretty attractive, our folks are starting to sniff around and some of the stocks dramatically undervalued relative to this rotation. dagen: two and a half percent yield on a ten year is looking pretty good. >> we need allocation into economic sensitive bond stocks. you have to make money away from treasuries, we were at 175 at this point. the yield was 2 and a half to 3%. we have a meeting coming up on wednesday to discuss that. [laughter] maria: what about that? do you see the fed raising a quarter point or -- quarter or half? >> we think it's a quarter point. the bigger question is go back
6:28 am
to what we were discussing exactly this time a year ago. we all thought ta fed a year ago was going to hike rates, the question was what was going to happen in 2017, our view is maybe one red hike at the end of the year. there was issues about economy and election in the middle of the year or toward the end of the year, that's not what the fed told us. remember they. >> giving information about four rate hikes over the course of the year. given what we fell it it was appropriate and the market right roll over, that's exactly what happened in the first months of the year. the fed is going to give us information that two rate hikes is appropriate. maria: two. >> two-quarter point rate hikes or is the fed going to get more aggressive than we think and the market may respond negatively. we will see. maria: that's the thing.
6:29 am
if they are going to do stuff very early in the year, and the economy is expected to get better, does the fed move or does it become four hikes? kevin: it depends on inflation. they haven't gotten conviction and they will need to see that trickle up more before four hikes. >> core pc is 1.7%. maria: no inflation. >> we are expecting gdp to pick up and into '18 based upon improvements from the trump administration. so the fed from our perspective is really under tremendous amount of pressure to start the hike again maybe june and later in the year. maria: we will get a lot of information this wednesday. very quickly, would you buy oil, it's up 5% this morning? >> we have the nonopec deal,
6:30 am
600,000-barrels in conjunction with 1.2 million-barrel cut on the 30th, crude could continue to grind up to $60 a barrel. that would be the top end of the range. maria: 53.64 right now. thanks very much. phil orlando there. a fight broke out at a michigan ski resort. we will take you there and bring you details there. the flint water crisis getting support. veterans eyeing the city as next destination following the standing rock protest. we will talk with two veterans who are leading that charge, back in a minute ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship.
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maria: good monday morning, everybody. welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday december 12th, top stories on the east coast. president-elect trump's cabinet takes place. now, more high profile names heading to trump tower this week . >> he has treated me really well. he's made us feel very welcome but there are things that we disagree on and probably never going to be be able to change that but we do get along well. i'm surprised at how well we get
6:34 am
along and i think he might say the same thing. i think you're seeing that from him. maria: very latest this morning as the president elect looks to fill several key cabinet position this is week. oil prices are shooting higher this morning. that's the story of business. markets today nonopec countries including russia agree to cut production over the weekend in an effort to limit supply as a result oil prices right now up 4%. 53.58 on crude oil. this morning futures are searching for some direction. dow jones industrial average is well off of the highs. nasdaq and s&p 500 are negative pulling back from all time highs reached last week. it's fractional moves but nonetheless down. of course, the euro zone, in asia overnight mixed performances there. japan was a winner there. nearly 1% but china and korea, china and hong kong two losers,
6:35 am
shanghai composite down two and a half percent and hang seng down one and a half percent. six people arrested in antiterrorist buffs in the uk, the very latest this day after several raids in the morning hours. we will tell you how it all happened. a merger monday this morning, a swiss company said to be in talk to acquire kkr, details on potential 5 billion-dollar deal coming up this morning. another self-driving car hits the golden state, california dmv's decision to allow to test automated vehicles, everybody is getting on board now. are ceo's ready for new president? how that may dictate performance and your life. from standing rock, north dakota to flint, mitch geant, --
6:36 am
michigan, two veterans will apply it to water crisis where high lead content and infrastructure created serious health concern for residents in flint. first-class author and marines core veteran george the second, who is director of veterans now. as a veteran why was it so important for you to protest in north dakota? >> i saw the resemblance of both flint, michigan and north dakota had the same problem or issue where they didn't want pipes put in on their land but the residents and the citizens of flint wanted pipes put in and they won't put infrastructure in there. we only have 499 pipes put in so far out of a year where they are
6:37 am
not calling the situation in flint a project instead of an energy and i felt when the veat -- veterans called for other veterans to be the buffer between law enforcement and the people, i felt that it was my duty to go and put myself in between and let everyone know that abuse of power isn't necessary and we could do this peacefully and come to a conclusion of where the part-time's voices should be heard. maria: i want to find out what you're looking to achieve here mostly but dagen, you've been studying the issue this weekend. talk to us about what happened in flint, michigan? dagen: the crisis has been going on for three years and the people of flint was lied to when it was apparent that there was lead in the waters and individual homes, that the government and the city and the
6:38 am
state management has failed these people over and over and over again. maria: big time. dagen: kudos to the two gentlemen, two men who have served this country, but again, do you really believe at how poorly this has been handled that you two guys can make a difference at this point? >> most definitely. you have to start somewhere and we've had a while to be -- to live in this situation, so it's not just a flint issue, it's an issue for our country. if we allow injustice, if we allow people to be abused and mistreated anywhere in this country, then shame on us as people, as a country united. so anywhere where i have the opportunity to stand in between what's right and what people people's constitutional rights are, i would do that. it so happens that i live in a place where i need help also.
6:39 am
there's a lot of confusion and misdirection and inaction that's happening right now so we just need help with that. but first in order to get help you have to show that you're willing to help others. harlan: harlan hill here, my question is what are you looking to get out of flint at this point? it's clear that there's been incredible justice and the state government there has not been responsive and really turned their back on the people in flint, buffer between protestors and law and more? >> i'm so glad that you invited us to your your work to let the nation know that there's nothing being done, just in january of this year, a 3-year-old had been tested for lead and no one did a follow-up.
6:40 am
so there's a lot of kids in flint that have not been seen, like i said, they call it a project now, so we need to bring the media back into flint and let them see that they are still pushing carts. people are getting shut-off notice for not paying for poison water and we need to set the narrative that elected officials are saying things are being done when they're not. kevin: george, is there a specific agency that you guys should be trying to talk to, whether it's epa or certain avenue or or let that you think can affect the most change? >> at this point it's difficult to say. i've been in meeting with mostly all of them but there's no major change. there's been no -- nothing to -- like a fire under the concept of getting this stuff done.
6:41 am
maria: why not? kevin: are they just pointing fingers and pointing blame and is nobody going to be accountable? >> like i said, i don't play sides, i'm here for the people. you had the election year going and our mayor, she backed hillary clinton, she endorsed hillary clinton, so they had to have an issue so why fix the problem while it's election season, you wouldn't have a talking point, so that in turn turned to political football while democrats were against republicans not wanting to fiction -- fix it. we have more than just lead. we have bacteria in this water. dagen: there was an e. coli poisoning in 2014 and made switch over in water supply from detroit to the flint river. there was e. coli in the water and i think it was september of
6:42 am
2014. gm had to stop using the water from the city because it was corroding auto plants and there was toxic hazardous. >> ten times worst than toxic waste. >> they found that a company rkim were dumping, they said that they didn't, they put in fraudulent paperwork where they were dumping pcv's in the water. may of 2014 we had tthm's and at 154 pounds drinking, .2 litters a day at .8, three people are guarantied to die so in august you had e. coli, you had tthm
6:43 am
and negilena. 12 died and 97 ill. now outbreak, they tried to hide that again this year. so it's a lot of things going on that a lot of the people in the nation isn't hearing and they're covering it up. what we have here is lack of communication. the city sent money in for infrastructure. we have 27,000 lines that need to be changed and since february when they got $2 million all we had 499 lines left. maria: people want to see accountable. thank you for your efforts. good to see you, gentlemen, thank you. coming up next, 12 people hospitalized after a fire broke out in michigan ski resort.
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maria: well, the trump rally moves on. dow industrial to open with an all-time high. we are seeing a little pushback this morning. markets are pulling back from the record highs of last week and some of the averages looking tired, most market watchers continue to believe that trump rally continues through the inauguration. a couple of names to watch this morning. we are watching johnson & johnson a new report from barron saying that trump could rally. johnson and johnson improvements and the stock is edging higher. also company permitted to test self-driving cars in california.
6:48 am
bmw are also testing automated vehicles. shares are up a staggering 182%. how do you like that return? breaking news this morning, two police officers shot in georgia, lauren simonetti with the details. lawyer -- lauren. lauren: the police officers were shot at as they tried to serve a search warrant in crawford county. a task force knocked on the home three times and when no one answered they went on inside and someone started shooting at them. police returned fire. they hit the shooter but their condition is unknown. the offer's condition not life-threatening. that's good news. overseas for a second. antiterrorist raids, six people in custody after a series of raids across central england and london. five men are held and a woman are under arrest.
6:49 am
it's considered highly likely. last week britain foreign intelligence chief islamist militants were using turmoil to plot attacks against united kingdom and allies. scary moment after a fire broke out at a loñ in northern michigan. 12 were injured and dozens forced to evacuate. half of the building, look at the image, was damaged by the fire. the cause under investigation and the resort is now closed. it's monday. swiss pharmaceutical to find capsule gel, the deal could be worth more than 5 billion-dollar. maria, back to you. maria: lauren, thanks so much. take a short break. ceo's are gearing up for a new
6:50 am
white house and administration. the biggest fear from the boss, corner office, 2017, stay with us next
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
maria: welcome back, the markets are with new records since trump's election. dow up almost 8% since election night and nasdaq up almost 5% since election night. investors adjusting to president elect. and ceo's adjusting to new administration going into the white house.
6:54 am
we were talking to the break and one point that i wanted to make was we have been ceo's and corporations sit on cash for so long, they've been unwilling to invest. is that about to loosen up? >> confidence is pretty high about whether you're looking at the u.s. and politics, to put it to work in the u.s. or elsewhere, optimism in the u.s. is pretty good in board rooms. yet, there are fears. walk us through them. >> fear is uncertainty, right. politics and performance work together. companies have to perform no matter what happens. they just want to know what the rules are going to be. maria: donald trump has been saying over and over and over again america first. a lot of the ceo's that you're speaking with and work with are global ceo's. >> absolutely. maria: corporations all over the world. is this something that's unnerving them, america first? >> i think you're trying to
6:55 am
balance the sense of america first from the political standpoint, but i've also have to have operations and relationships with governments everywhere and that's where they're trying to work through, the balance. maria: talk to us about that? what do they want to see from the trump administration? >> they want to see clarity of what's going on with the infrastructure investments. they want to see clarity about whether there are going to be tariffs or not and relationships with very important trading partners because they are the trading partners, the corporations, aligned policy and performance. maria: it's really about the trade portion of his economic plan, they are pretty happy with lower taxes and roll back of regulations? >> of course. we see the backlog of people involved in infrastructure, they are pretty excited. you would think the energy business you talked about earlier, anything that's regulated. at the same time while countries around the world, i was in italy for referendum, as countries around the world become more nationalistic, corporations are global. maria: yeah. >> they perform better when they
6:56 am
are inclusive. maria: what are they going to do about that? this nationalism is going on in a lot of places. we just came off of britain vote to go leave the eu and the donald trump election, then italy. i know that they want to expand in new markets, they have to. >> they have to. maria: shifts going on that they want to prioritize america given donald trump's rhetoric? >> you see corporate earnings up before the election, gdp, all the numbers we saw in the last couple of months, so things were improving already. the u.s. is the place where money is being put to work. it's this balance of what is the new political administration mean to them. so you're still seeing investors come to america. we have global infrastructure funds that reynolds sees. maria: all right. it looks like you're expecting growth to pick up. >> definitely seeing growth to pick up. there's confidence in the board room. there's hiring in the board room. even at brexit where russell reynolds is a big business, we haven't missed a beat because
6:57 am
they still have to perform in one or two years now before things change. companies have to keep going and they will. maria: sure, good to see you. clark murphy joining us there. next hour president-elect donald trump makes his choice for secretary of state and it is exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson said to be america's top dip plo mat, we are talking about that with the implications and will he get confirmed in the senate? back in a minute ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast?
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spivak good monday morning everyone. thank you for being with us this morning. the top stories at 7:00 a.m. from the boardroom to the trump administration fox news is reporting that exxon mobil ceo is set to become be nominated as a secretary of state. trump's closest advisers highlighted why his business experience would be beneficial. the fact that he actually has experience with others across the globe. the good be a huge advantage. when you think about how he have and negotiate a deal with foreign leaders. and of course he is an oil man.
7:01 am
as we've seen him in places like russia and china in yemen. >> oil prices are shooting higher this morning. that is exactly but exactly what is pushing prices higher. stocks are little slower this morning. futures are searching for direction a bit. the other major averages negative territory. it's fractional but nonetheless we are looking at some declines there. in asia over overnight mixed performance there as well. it's up almost 1%. the shanghai composite down sharply.
7:02 am
now the northeast is bracing for the bitter cold. we've all of the forecast ahead. coming up. the right to bear arms and sports stadiums. it even on the holiday spirit nearly 1,000 couples setting the world record for kissing under the mistletoe. the chief investment asset officer. good morning to you. >> someone on twitter said i look grumpy.
7:03 am
we talk about the flint water crisis to be grumpy about that. grumpy would not be the word i would choose i've arresting grumpy face. at least everybody is watching. thank you for that tweet. check purpose said he for said he was watching the giants on friday and he sure did get a good game to watch. this that's what happened. we've all of the details. stuart varney is here. we take it off right now. fox news source report president-elect well nominate exxon ceo.
7:04 am
he's much more than a business executive. he is in charge of the largest company in the world. it has been a company that has been unbelievably managed to meet a great advantage is he knows many of the players. and he knows them all. he does massive deals for the company. joining us right now is the former ceo of mcdonald's usa. think you for joining us. what is your take on trade one is a pick a secretary of state. his ties to russia doing deals in russia. they're causing some unease.
7:05 am
what you think? >> the united states is the largest global business in the world. and we need for top-notch ceos running at this a massive company. we have failed miserably some of your guests are talked about the cash coming to the united states. he's betting people carefully. to make america great again. i think it's a great choice. and the naysayers are just looking for ways to diminish trump in his ability. we need to give him a chance. he knows energy. he knows a global business climate. maria: what about those people
7:06 am
seem too many ceos. as a former fast food executive himself do you think that you agree with him. he is a fabulous guy. he understands the small business. he's the guy for the secretary of labor. i love what he's doing. that's is what trump ran on. we didn't pick our best and brightest.
7:07 am
he's going out and picking that. you can work on behalf of the country. he is fulfilling the promise. a lot of the ceos that he is picking had had to answer to boards, shareholders stakeholders as well as people that work for them. they have a proven track record. look at how this contrasts with barack obama. he would integrated the senate. instead he is going on and out and picking the best ceos across the country. it's such a stark contrast and i think this indicates how he's get a lead as president. the issue with rex tillerson is about his ties to russia. i should say close ties.
7:08 am
he is vocally opposed sanctions against rush this error. phrase what john mccain said. he's a is a bully a murderer and a thought. our those concerns unfounded if you well. i don't know what's going on in john mccain's brain. understand who they are and what they are. rex tillerson knows exactly what putin is. he's back in the let the united states or suffer because of a relationship he has on an oil deal. i think trump is doing exactly what he should do. he's not embracing the washington class alito to find his team. they are not politically naïve.
7:09 am
he speaks with a thick texas accent. he was the president of the boy scouts. do you think these are the type of leaders at that could keep donald trump and check on in check on some of the things that were investors like 35% to tariffs and other policies that he is talked about that could actually upset the economy and the markets. he has surrounded himself with very smart people. he's can listen to all sides of the argument. he's can stand up.
7:10 am
let me ask about this upcoming meeting at this week. the journal this morning is reporting that the tesla ceo elon musk is going to attend. what do you believe is trump's goal for the summit. >> he knows how important all of those cats are in the future of this country. in a take a measure of them he's get up at his point of view forward and he's going to tell these guys you better quit being so naïve with what's going on in the world. i think trump is doing a smart thing. he embraces people. then he's unforgiving. a very cozy relationship with the white house. over the last eight years.
7:11 am
they better get on board whether it's privacy, copyright they had been on have been on the hillary train this whole election. >> schmidt was basically in the hillary campaign. i saw how a lot of people talked about donald trump. if you vote for trump you're hurting my children. that's a nonsense of the school said. let's do a crying session. how about teaching them what democracy is about. in a fair democracy people vote in one side wins and one side loses. how about teaching the students that.
7:12 am
good to see you. we will see you soon. maria: he was redoing all of the searches. we saw on wikileaks that he actually wrote a campaign memo. he was basically embedded at in the hillary clinton campaign. eric smith is expected to be there. mike pence then had to overturn. there is a very interesting relationship there. it's all about immigration. that's what we need to see
7:13 am
come out of this meeting. i will preview the wednesday meeting certainly all week. thousands of flights already canceled. pepsico is claiming a must to it was to make healthier snacks but customers are just not biting. they say america wants them.
7:14 am
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looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. maria: welcome back. snow, freezing rain. we are in the weather center with the latest. >> here we are unfortunately looking at the faa we don't have any delays on the map. the storm is moving eastward. the trailing cold front could bring some heavy rain and thunderstorms. with snow, freezing rain and sleet. of course it's always a good idea to check online to see how your flight is doing. by midday this afternoon and
7:17 am
most of most of the bad weather will be out of the way so winter weather advisories remain a posted for new england where we could be upwards of 6 inches of snow. we could see upwards of three to 6 inches our first big snow storm for many and we've another one on the way on tuesday. the trough is in place. another quick mover pushing and what we have the trough in place. we could potentially see more big weather systems as we head into the weekend. the big weather story that's gonna make headlines is a fact that we are getting the coldest air of the season and maybe the coldest air the years across the southeast. in the blue that's below freezing some of this is
7:18 am
getting in by weeks end. that means temperatures in the single digits in the teens. this will be some of the coldest air. the polar plunge is in people need to buckle up and make sure they are prepared for it. they are forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights in and out in the midwest. >> they say no delays here in the northeast but not if you live in other parts of the country. it all started last night when the airlines grounded i was 1800 flights most of them at chicago o'hare's international airport. the latest data shows 66 flights canceled. so again if you're traveling
7:19 am
the man who is fatally shot the retired football player. he faces a possible sentence of up to 40 years in prison and his sentencing which will be in february. jurors decided against the second-degree murder charge smith was part of the saints team that health list of the city in the years after hurricane katrina. it wants to sell healthy food but customers we just want chips. much of its revenue growth comes from high-fat. still the company hopes that sales of its healthy products will grow faster than the rest of the portfolio by the end of
7:20 am
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7:23 am
maria: welcome back. the doubt 20,000. the major averages rallied since donald trump's election last month. is a important that important number to you.
7:24 am
do you care if it hits it and when do you think it does. i think there's about five to 7% upside for next year. that includes also the dividends. investors need to be very conscientious is a forward-looking indicator. it's already pricing in the growth in anticipation. what happens if we don't get both of the regulatory rollbacks in the tax cuts that we are looking at. we need those together to really confirm this market. so were to get the guidance and it's coming up from management. that will dictate the market moves and actions and we've seen and not not all companies had participated in this
7:25 am
rally. about a third of the market has not taken hold. you're starting to see sector dispersion happening. technology that has gotten ahead of itself in terms of the valuation and how fast a lot of those companies had run. it's completely understandable with the backup and longer-term bond yields. even though you might end up paying less tax utilities were trading at 20 times earnings rent and they're only growing 5%. people needed that cash flow that could take hold and people need to be conscientious of that.
7:26 am
you have a rising wage that's starting to trickle through. the wind under the sales is what you said. the rollback of regulations and the tax cuts. maybe this week the federal reserve postings in a bit. at some point there to look at a two and a half% yield on the ten year a little bit higher and say i'm willing to buy it here because that looks so attractive. i think it is credence to how the economy does have some support underneath it right. they gave an indication give an indication of four rate hikes. i think they will be more tempered this time.
7:27 am
it's reassuring that we are seeing a shift from reliance on monetary policy that's what the rally israel. we haven't spoken about exxon mobil and who comes in there. we are by the expected that donald trump will be his next secretary of state but he's been running exxon mobil now for a long time doing a good job who replaces him. there was a pretty fascinating thing that happened. they promoted darren words to president. right now where your scene at the price of oil come back up everybody was thinking the production chief was can it be filling in after rex tiller's in.
7:28 am
rex tillerson was gonna be retiring the next year anyway. and part of the succession plan. it goes to how beautifully one -- run exxon mobil is. this would be less of a shock to some lawmakers on capitol hill. >> i was actually in a safe before the election i was really concerned about the growth prospects of the american economy. we seen the largest in history. and some point are the fundamentals really that strong. i'm a little bit more pessimistic than i think. the labor participation is still the lowest it's been.
7:29 am
it started picking up as kevin pointed out. with a long way to go. they've been sitting on cash unwilling to put that money to work. with the rollback and regulations gives them at the wiggle room to do that. that is what trump is expecting. we will see. fair criticism. is it enough. a new rift between the donald trump and the cia now. he says it's ridiculous. the new proposal that would allow washington sports fans to bring concealed weapons to stadiums. back in a minute.
7:30 am
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7:32 am
maria: good monday morning everyone. it's monday december 12. the top stories right now. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the president-elect takes aimed at the let intelligence community. despite criticism from his own party on the hill. it is clear the russians interfered whether they intended to interfere to the degree that they were trying
7:33 am
to elect a certain candidate i think that is subject to for investigation. i think the democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics. one of the closest allies calls from action for the president-elect. will prices are shooting higher this morning. they agreed to cut production over the weekend in an effort to limit supply. $53.72 a barrel. the air are searching for some direction. we could see another all-time high for the tao. in europe markets are under pressure.
7:34 am
it's down a quarter of a%. mixed performances here. the composite is down sharply lower. the property market set stocks selling off. a new proposal could soon bring firearms to major sports stadiums. whether giants are accusing the steelers of following in tom brady's footsteps. we will bring you the details after the game last night. and now they had star wars on deck. we will break down all of the city's big movies. i want for christmas is a world record. it was set under the mistletoe. reports have the surface of service of friday. suggesting that the cia issued a seeker assessment that russian hackers attempted to
7:35 am
influence. it has president obama ordered a review of all of four and attempts president-elect trump told fox news yesterday he skeptical of these reports. the cia has concluded that russia intervened in the election to help you win the presidency. your reaction. to make they have no idea if it's a russia or china or somebody it could be somebody sitting in a been some place. judge's is for the politics? >> i think it's up since i substance i don't think it's politics. there's a couple of moving parts here. there is no one cia. sometimes cia management will
7:36 am
say you guys prove this you guys just prove it will see which report is more credible. add to that that there are 16 intelligence agencies of which we know in the federal government. there probably some which we don't know. there is an intelligence branch of the fbi which has a different view of this the cia. the president-elect shows a variety of sources. and he comes to his own conclusion. they are for his eyes only and he is determined that the one that the press is talking about is not credible. >> the talk about the hacking has been going on for six months or more. and we have not been given a shred of evidence to sustain
7:37 am
the come -- the claim that the russians were behind it. she said the 17 agencies have a corroborated this. that means literally nothing. there was a statement that was put out by the department of homeland security in the office of national security they have come out publicly and said it's a different story. you've just up everybody is lying to you.
7:38 am
we saw that with the stockpile. there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq. this is a democratic administration. they are trying to say is the russians fall. the confirm years with could happen. the chairman of the armed services committee and a member of the select committee is getting it one of those committees to investigate this. they will get some agents who agree with them to come up there and say here's what we found. we probably well not give get an answer about this. they just won't let it go.
7:39 am
the people voted for trump. 53% they just don't know how to believe it. they keep trying to make this narrative. it was done because of because of russian tachy. there could be political motivations to the revelations these things are not the gospel. i give him credit at this early stage to have the fortitude in the self-confidence in the understanding of all of this to reject it. it's something that richard nixon didn't even do. he was careful not to attack the intelligence services in public. it's something that he did willingly.
7:40 am
is that not cause for concern. >> i heard the questions and donald trump seem to say what i need to know comes to me either from the people they give me the briefings if there's a change since our last briefing let me know. even john bolton said on fox news sunday i always aired on the side of more, more, more. he even said that more is better. the president-elect doesn't have the same privileges. hasn't there been some content
7:41 am
for him. there's probably a lot of adulation. in the united states of america as broad and vast. they vote like the rest of us in their opinions can color what they do. and donald trump understands that. >> he's gone on record state and donald trump was a threat to national security. so he clearly has that. for them to say that he said we are not spying. >> the fbi has not signed on with the cia.
7:42 am
when you have president-elect come out what about something in different matter you tend to dismiss that. on the terrorism and the spread of that. if you dismiss that. judge, good to see you. you have the nfl's response. is anything else. this is a sample cheese board. as a nondenominational holiday
7:43 am
mixer. back in a minute with that. santa i want a chevy for christmas. this holiday season, people have a lot to say about the chevy red tag sales event. dream truck right here. a tv. great. wow! please santa. please, please, please, please, please! santa i want to go fast. woooo! that sounds like christmas. it's the chevy red tag sales event. now through december 12th, get 0% financing for 72 months on remaining 2016 chevy models. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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7:46 am
welcome back. the church collapses in nigeria. hundreds of people were inside the church when the roof collapse. the governor of the state was in the church at the time of the collapse narrowly escaped injury. an investigation is underway. he is butted heads with president obama on the issue. in his interview last night he said donald trump will be a good friend to israel in hopes the two hope the two countries can work together.
7:47 am
>> i know him very well. i think his attitude and his support he feels strongly about the jewish state in the jewish people. during his campaign donald trump was harshly critical of the nuclear deal and he said there are various ways of undoing. at the box office this weekend. it's canceled. hey idiot i'm looking right at you. office christmas party than not take the number one spot but it still made a pretty impressive debut. it set the record for the biggest opening ever for a
7:48 am
holiday themed movie. it was "moana" from disney that topped the box office yet again. it brought an $18.8 million. this friday the star wars rug what comes rogue what comes up so they will have another hit. the arrival $5.6 million. guess what. it 'tis the season for new world record for couples kissing under the mistletoe. seven six flags theme parks across the nation 839 couples puckered up to set a new record. you this is just one of the ways to get the holiday spirit. thanks lauren.
7:49 am
can you actually have alcohol at office parties. >> that's the only way to go. whether one glass of wine after 5:00 and my eyes are closing. if you're at the office party approaching midnight you should probably go. i meant to both met both my husband's through work. let us know. would you do that. washington state lawmakers
7:50 am
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7:53 am
maria: welcome back. the giants snapping the cowboys 11 game winning streak. they called on friday. this is a defensive battle. this was a football match matchup with two of the best teams in the league.
7:54 am
he saw defense that came out. they just put the clamps down you actually saw that play like a regular little bit at times. he only threw for the giants looked really good. in the early season. with the help of it going in to the season. those things are always a battling.
7:55 am
what about the deflategate 2.0. they are accusing that the steelers of using under inflated balls. what do you think. they go after this just like they did with tom brady. you never know. i know we got beat in the balls have nothing to do with the fact that our offense gave up two turnovers in our red zone. i make it i'm making a blame that. and the weather does impact. talking with a nascar fan about air pressure.
7:56 am
we have to get your take on this. they are proposing a bill that allows fans to bring guns into sports stadiums including the home of the seahawks. this one given the light of all the things going around with guns and nfl. the second amendment was put in place for us to protect ourselves. it's a ridiculous lot to law to be proposing in any state. now you have these ground laws in numerous states. it's too far. as a football player i would not want to be in a football field with friends and drinking.
7:57 am
>> sometimes football fans and alcohol don't mix. and here you go to in the event that there can send you through metal detectors. jack, good to see you. thanks so much.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good monday monday morning welcome back thanks for being with us i am maria bartiromo it is monday, december 12, your top stories 8:00 on the east coast president-elect donald trump makes choice for secretary of state. fox news reporting that exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson to be nominated hos majority leader kevin mccarthy followed me yesterday on "sunday morning futures" about this choice. >> i think this is a smart pick when you look at it, if this comes to fruition, rex has been individual run largest company had to make tough negotiations, he knows world leaders about where he played, so i think it is very smart. on-opec rices are shooting countries including russia agreed to cut production over weekend big cuts to limit supply? markets up 4% on oil, in equities not so much a major averages off a record week, of course, this morning futures
8:01 am
searching for direction yodow industrials in positive territory nasdaq down a third of a percent european markets under pressure, even fractionally, down about a third of a percent on ft 100 a quarter percent on dax in germany in asia overnight mixed performs big winneresh japan nikkei average up nearly 1% shanghai composite loser down 2 1/2% on concerns china's property market, first major storm of the season, dumping snow across midwest grounding northern 1,000 flights delaying thousands of others, now northeast is bracing for the bitter cold a new flight for qantas one of the longest the australian airline making direct flights now to europe. we've got details this will be longest flight. lexus lights up the company wrapping one car in thousands of led lights check it out, we will tell you why they are doing that, and trading the tux in penguins in the holiday
8:02 am
spirit details on that, coming up this morning all those stories coming up joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell recon capital veef investment airfare kevin kelly strategist harlan hill. >> i can't believe oil that is going to be really good for companies here in the united states we are not subject to trade things with opec non-opec members, so it is going to be on. >> remember last in time -- frack on. >> remember last time oil rallied. >> people sell out on curb 50 dollar was really the ceiling once hits that each starts churning out more we need exporting oil i think even better for us,e let some cut let us ramp up. maria: all right. we will talk about it this morning the trump cabinet continues to take shape sources confirm to go fox news this morning, that president-elect donald trump will nominate exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson as next
8:03 am
secretary of state. blake burman in washington this morning with tul a latest, good morning to you. reporter: hi, maria good morning to you as well president-elect trump made decision on nation's dop diplomat tell fox mr. trump will nominate exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson to become next secretary of state. the official announcement expected in the next few days, tillerson known as a successful businessman, of a lucrative transnational company but democrats and republicans have some concerns over his ties to russia making his confirmation no sure bet tillerson was bestowed that country's order of friendship in 2012 mr. trump describes mr. tillerson russia connection as asset speaking with chris wallace on fox news sunday. >> to me a great advantage he knows many of the players he knows them well, he does massive deals in russia massive deals for the company, not for himself but for the companion.
8:04 am
>> this morning mr. trump announcing john kelly as choice to lead department of homeland security, tier retired four star adjoin previously led u.s. southern command, trump tower today the president-elect will meet with former rivals santorum carly fee er ena rick perry potential candidate for energy secretary or head of veterans affairs. >> blake burman in washington fox news digital politics editor cries, we have a lot to talk about tillerson your take on rick perry ring energy department senate uneasy about reports rex tillerson will be next secretary of state potentially welcome to president-elect boost confidence what do you think. >> i thought to talk about penguins in santa suits what is what i am here for tillerson pick on one hand in
8:05 am
a democratic like a nightmare scenario not just ceo of a massive corporation, but also the ceo of what if you are a democrat concerned about globally warming is the world's number one producer of petroleum this is like the -- the apop lipto scenario, the concern about, of course, is can tillerson get to 51 votes he needed for confirmation that will depend substantially on the question of how does trump and how does he tillerson himself answer questions about russia's influence inside the administration, and russia's influence in the election. >> chris doesn't that go back to you can see he has a proven track record where ukrainian situation was happening, exxon pulled out with -- due to sanctions he has the track record of abiding by american policy, given there is a world leader where are holes they could block him? >> i'm sorry i don't understand the question.
8:06 am
>> i mean, where can how can they actually prevent rex tillerson from becoming the next secretary of state should he get the official nomination i don't understand how they can -- >> if three republicans vote against him he can't be confirmed because if it is two, then it goes to a tie, and -- mike pence the vice president elect would cast zwiegd vote give him confirmation 51 votes if three republicans vote against him we assume all democrats vote zbaens him for afor mentioned reason if three republicans vote against him that would be enough to scuttle his nomination work hard with john mccain, lindsey graham marco mubro ben, mike lee snaz concerned about russia's influence inside the trump you universe to allay those concerns. >> chris -- >> yo! >> what trump said about cia
8:07 am
kind of dismissing the findings that the russians hacked election if you will does that make tillerson confirmation even tougher, because more and more seems like russia, is kind of the lynch pin in all of this. >> it is becoming -- we will see how long it lasts becoming a hyper dominate part of the conversation in washington democrats want to talk about it gives excuse why they lost they love to talk about russia's involvement, republicans are having a hard time gagging on this issue a little bit, a lot have deep mistrust about putin influence in the united states, in trump landed but statement they don't want to add to democratic claims that is thorny issue, and by the way, you talk about the cia, this is a challenge trump invoked, the missed intelligence on iraq 2020 with cia i am raymond of this what happens with cia intelligence, cia
8:08 am
never puts out statements cia doesn't say hey here is a report on what we found it just character arrived uncharacter arrived used as political football we never get to know what happened behind closed doors. >> don't believe it, actually -- where we are not buying the analysis of this dems came up with this putting that aside in terms of rex tillerson what is wrong with oil executive becoming secretary of state clearly had relationships with a lot of dictators, heads of state across the world, and don't you want swoun who has dealt with putin in the past? >> i don't want anybody, but -- does donald trump want somebody who dealt with putin in the past yes, very much so i think for a lot of republicans, again, if tillerson can put to rest some concerns about the flews of a wh -- influence of a hostile state we have probably a way to get to 51 why would democrats oppose him they generally don't like biscayne bay certainly concerned as large group about global are
8:09 am
warming -- >> but chris i point this out, exxon under rex tillerson publicly acknowledged the link between fossil fuels, and the greenhouse gas emissions and warming climate got hidden paris climate accords. >> i am not saying you are wrong i am saying democrats are not going to like rex tillerson as pick whatever you tell them. >> a purity test on left now, you know, he is frankly, because interested in profit almost, law enforcement disqualifier not being glib. >> if you want to be rich you got the horns, and a tail, [laughter]. >> i got to say, i think that -- once democrats continue to whine about russia that is an excuse, prevents them from coming to terms with why they lost this election that they turned back on american middle class continues to allow, decades of exportsdz jobs to gut the heartland of molecular, and you know they
8:10 am
can blame russia think that had outside impact on this election but not the case it is not yes won. >> yeah, i agree with you, what about rick perry do you think will end up running energy department. >> this seems one of the last big pieces that you want to put in place. for trump, this is one of the final big appointments he is going to get to make other people in mix for that, he is trump still probably needs a democrat in his cabinet probably still does you talk about -- from west virginia senator from west virginia, democratic senator from north dakota energy producing states mick fits the bill there there are others in the conversation this is sort of last big piece of the puzzle with tillerson having energy guy your secretary of state certainly a, and with scott pruitt e. ps energy sector concerns well tended to. >> good point, dagen what about about national security story trump says he does not need daily intelligence briefings watch this. >> i just want to ask you
8:11 am
about skepticism about the intelligence community you are getting the presidential daily brief. >> yes. >> only once a week. >> well, i get it when i need it. >> is that is there -- >> get it when i first of all, he they see are very good people giving me briefings, i say if something should change from this point, i am available on one minute's notice, i don't have to be told you know like a smart person i don't have to be told same thing same words every single day, for the next 8 years. maria: wow, i was surprised at that one dagen. >> i was too even john bolton said more is better when he was asked about it on fox report last night. that the more information, that you get, the better. but again, maybe he changes his mind. >> chris what do you think? >> i say the same thing about this i said about president obama not taking the political point of view i don't know about intelligence but i know
8:12 am
politics from political point of view you don't want to be the president something happens rivals can say how come you weren't up to speed taking briefings from optics point of view o probably worth 20 minutes of trump's time or half hour to sit down with intelligence guy every day get beating. >> do you think he will reverse course on have to for that very reason do you think he will come to terms with it say i got to i got to do it. >> it is probably not worth whatever time he is getting back from not receivinging briefings, it is probably not worth it politically to not do it also, remember, you become a captive as president he will find out overtime you he become captive to people fielding you information now can say nsa mike flynn has it mike pence has its vice president has it keep me up to speed you find out over time very hard to get clean information, that is not diluted with other people's opinions, as president, so he will probably want to get closer to the core.
8:13 am
>> everything is gravey easy street right now the markets on record-breaking run. >> maybe we're making about too much of it i mean come on. >> briefings. >> i this i the hardest position in this administration is going to be press secretary, going to have to try to -- >> exactly buck talking about other positions i think that is probably that aredest one -- >> i can tell you who i hope it is. >> lawyer yoo ingraham. >> monica crowley. >> would be great would be great. >> i don't -- >> love monica. >> i have no inside information. >> you want to see her there. >> she calls trump's win from day one, up until very end, she never wavered. >> good to see you you have a great day. >> coming up a winter storm buries midwest forcing airlines to cancel hundreds of flights over weekend live to chicago, with how long the travel woes could linger a bright idea from lexus shows off led covered car. back in a minute.
8:14 am
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tillerson. maria: welcome back cold out there, winter weather midwest chicago hit hard not over yet, jeff flock in chicago right now is going to take a look give at us latest, good morning to you.
8:17 am
>> look at that maria by golly crossed us there, bravery than i am this morning i got to seven layers on, big snow, i say big by chicago standards may be not so big, may be 7, 8 inches here in the city, the airports though big problem, 1200 cancellation in those o'hare yesterday, i landed on icy runway last night o'hare pilot got applause from everybody for keeping it on tarmac not so lucky in detroit, where a delta flight slid off runway nobody hurt there though. would i agree story i think this week will be cold as opposed to snow supposed to get more snow, too take a look at highs projected for this week's 25 right now, will be as warm today as it will be any time during this week, 20 tomorrow, 19 next day 8 the following day. typical average december 35 for a high not just chicago, throughout the midwest,
8:18 am
minneapolis nine us 9 by thursday fargo mine united states 9 detroit minus 3 green bay below zero as well, going to be cold what does that mean for things like natural gas futures? well -- means probably going a little bit down today but over the course of the past several weeks, we have been on a pretty good run anticipating this cold weather, i guess not news but -- well, maybe it is. >> feels colder than it has been for sure in new york as well, jeff. thank you. lauren: glad i am not alone. >> jeff flock in chicago, in the snow, it is beginning to look a lot like christmas around the globe penguins spreading christmas cheer animal carry takers at japanese park dressed birds in santa suits this video gained more than 100,000 likes on facebook 2.3% a japanese population is christian christmas wildly separated nonetheless. had to show you thi
8:19 am
dagen: do we still have stirewalt -- >> wonl way -- wonl the way could. >> animals are enjoying it. >> likes to wear sweater. >> charlie lovers a good sweater, ramon we try to -- >> a tough guy doesn't need it. >> i mean you can put him in tough guy's outfits they don't have to wear -- >> leather jacket i have a fake fleece. maria: that is comfortable. >> yes. >> you know what they try to pull it off -- >> she poses when you put it on. >> loves it. -- >> trump rally rolls on on wall street no signs slowing down how long it could last up next lexus rolls out one of
8:20 am
the coolest cars yet the new led covered ride from automaker all led lights, back in a minute. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world. love or like?
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deciding. maria: we continue to follow story of two police officers shot in georgia louis whethers the story. lauren: what we know the police officers shot tried to serve a search warrant knocked on door of home three times on in answered they went inside and someone started shooting at them, police returned fire hit the shooter the suspect,
8:24 am
spokesperson says an officer treated the other officer more seriously wounded needed surgery, let's go overseas police in britain conducting a series of antiterror raids this morning six people in custody, after the raids across central england london, five men one woman being held on suspicion of preparing an act of terrorism, britain on second highest threat level meaning attack considered highly likely last week britain's intelligence chief said islamic state miments plotting attacks against uk. >> australians getting first nonstop flight to london australian airline qantas will fly from perth to london one of the longest passenger flights 9,000-mile trip about 17 hours, australia hoping will boost tourism from europe
8:25 am
making seats more comfortable for that flight in march 2018, maria, lexus wants you to get lit promoting 2017 sedan creating this one, wrapped in 42000 led lights turn into a screen to broadcast graphics videos change colors in response to human gestures and mooufk, the video "be the one"". >> noticed. >> i think so so -- >> maybe by police. maria: true kevin said like holiday lights one goes out they -- >> then you are -- >> we got to get to breaking news president-elect donald trump tweeting dagen about the russia election, hacking claims this morning, what is he saying. >> two tweets can you imagine if the election results with
8:26 am
on sist we tried to play the russia cia card. it would be called conspiracy they arey unless you catch hackers in the act it is hard to determine who was doing hacking why wasn't this brought up before election that is what he said he said something similar yesterday that it was rieldz. >> it was brought up before election. >> i mean, harlan -- department of homeland security and office of director of national intelligence put out a statement about russia getting involved. >> look, it is very hard to identify who is doing hacking they go to great lengths to obfuscate who they are, and we know that there are other independent organizations that hacked public officials sarah palin was hacked, in the election by anonymous people in mom's basement so it is not beyond the realm of possibility that it is not the russians because they have about capability to do it doesn't mean --
8:27 am
>> in regards to the tweet that is not true, if you don't catch the hack rs in act you still can find out who they are there is a digital footprint you don't have to catch them in act doing it. >> but it is very hard to identify who is actually doing. >> that issue identifying it is not whether you catch them in act or not. dagen: he is keeping the issue alive tweeting about it referencing cia going to keep the story alive whether wants to or not. >> in campaign kept bringing things up he should not have -- dagen: i do think a different standard president of united states is held going to be interesting once inaugust rated. >> democrats trying to lefrnl this to de.
8:28 am
>> kellyanne conway said secret service have different rules left door open. >> you have john mccain and lindsey graham calling for investigation, into this, so again, graham and mccain not hugest fans at some points of donald trump but when you have both republicans and democrats saying hey we need to look into this, about those bring on the investigation. >> right. >> markets looking for direction this morning take a look at futures after closing at 5th week in green taking a look at markets next how long the trump rally can stain dow jones industrial average expects another all-time high nasdaq down a third of a percent gm unveiling grand plans for self-driving car when next generation of vehicles could roll out that is coming up. back in a
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
. . . maria: good monday morning welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo, thanks so much being with us monday, december 12 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, president-elect donald trump administration, taking shape, sources tell us that trump has chosen exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson to become the facing's next top diplomat secretary of state, tillerson plate could be very if y will off the bat amid questions over russia election
8:32 am
ties iran deal trump making waves with his comments on the one-china policy this weekend. >> could be volunteer balancedly by china, we are devalidation with heavy at boards we don't tax them building a massive fortress in middle of the south china sea, they should not be doing, and frankly nottening us with north korea why should some other nation be able to say i can't take a call i think it would have been very disrespectful to be honest with you not taking it. >> looks to fill several key cabinet post positions oil prices rallying this morning big time take a look non-opec countries including russia over weekend came together to cut output to employment supply markets up 4 1/2% right now 53.86 a barrel on crude oil, equities, major averages
8:33 am
off a record take industrial average will likely open at another all-time high, the rest of the market looking tired nasdaq down a third of a percent right now, looking for direction, one stock to watch this morning lockheed martin president-elect donald trump just a few minutes ago tweeting about the company's fi. -- f-35 program saying the program cost out of control billions of collars can will be saved on military other purchases after january 20th, lockheed martin shares dropping on the news, this morning, this after the criticism he had about boeing. jedis rejoice o he the we arichest rived. >> watch. >> if there is any hope of destroying it. >> all right. >> how many do we need. >> -- i will be there for you --
8:34 am
>> the big year for disney bigger "star wars" "rogue one" hits theatres this upcoming weekend will you watch it will the first move still have plans the force, speaking of jedi the company turning key getting locked out putting your keys in the cloud got details on that, story you want to hear about may i have the envelope please golden globe nominations coming out all details tell you if your favorite star is getting the love right now. the stock market extending rally over a month after trump election, dow jones industrial averages another record high friday, 14th record close since trump's victory, you dow jones industrial averages up 7.7% since election s&p 500 up 5.6% nasdaq composite up almost 5% since election night joining us right now chief macrorestaurant for gfi john, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> last time you were here you said buy stocks sell them
8:35 am
inauguration day. >> yes, 2190 i think you said by -- >> i think that, you know, i think i is still higher year end i think a lot of people put off tax selling until next year another reason why, the trade is higher people are below, investment in terms of chase for performance year end a lot of things set up nicely, this week we have obviously have fed we have retail sales, so i think right now taking a a little bit of breather that is why you know oil is up, energy stocks s pretty well over broad averages unchanged right now. >> seem should not sell indiscriminately. >> with small caps have done very well that actually won't hurt as much, given the stronger dollar environment we're seeing what should they do inauguration day. >> i don't think you are going to sell -- exactly on -- >> the profit-taking.
8:36 am
>> inauguration, right now you trump can say whatever he wants but he is president-elect right now i think that is why, we see comments about taiwan, until he is president he can say whatever he wants about taiwan that is really for bob dole kind of one only republicans really back him. >> a move, really to materials so we saw a lot of huge movers, right pre-election night the iwn up, 108 now 135 i would t be surprised if people took profits there, on inauguration day, you know, really he has an agenda, and now, once he puts his hand on bible, then it becomes reality, and he has to really see what he can get through, mcconnell, ryan. >> can you remember any president, that at least even before the inauguration that the markets had 34r5i6d so
8:37 am
many bets on. >> it gets tricky as trump starts tweeting about individual companies. right? . >>. maria: boeing example air force one not just moving markets moving individual -- >> have we seen this kind of economic growth plan out of any other administration, lowering taxes to the lowest industrialized world rolling back regulations to the extent going to take pressure off business, i know whether we have seen this. >> reagan in early -- >> you compare to -- >> and volcker fighting inflation. >> the thing that people if you go back look at history, reagan i think and in before election the market rallied 40% from march to november so markets started to discount that he was going to be the president, prior to that so that was 40% move, then after he was elected, the market kind of went down, and down, to 19812 ares 1982 then really
8:38 am
took off it was a 40% move from march to november for reagan then honeymoon kind of a little bit over until he got into was i think right now, the moves that we're seeing are you know quote/unquote parabolic but not 40%, right, the s&p only up 5%, since inauguration day, the russel up 13% -- up 20% in terms of overall market. >> the difference between reagan's tenure that he didn't have the house. >> exactly. >> as well as the governor -- >> he has got everything going for him, in regard to that, but what he also has going for him the fed that is backing him on his fiscal policy we have seen governor after governor beg and plead for fiscal policies that is why you are seeing the market move, because they can't do anything more with their monetary policies the only thing they can do is raise from here they have four trillion dollars still on balance sheet so should investors be concerned about that, as well as holds should we start to see the fed balance sheet unravel prices,
8:39 am
bonds are going down? >> it is a global phenomena from monetary to fiscal stimulus all elections for the majority for really medium who want fiscal spending they want lower taxes done with austerity everything else wants a breath of fresh air the bonds, the 10 issue 10 year 2 1/2% up 20 base points not a lot on the wreer. >> yeah, highest in two years, but this year, not up tremendously i think if we move over 3% you know, that -- that is big but i don't think we are going to see gdp accelerate that fast until the later half of 2017 so i think right now bonds you are going to probably have a lot of guys going to rotate back into bonds, because, that kind of thing, really japanese yields .08 last night, obviously -- germany very low so there is a lot of tension has to be moved around as well.
8:40 am
>> lockheed martin stock is down on that most recent tweet by donald trump, of course, we know boeing just did the deal with iran signing a deal with iran to sell them 80 jets, even as we know, what you know, what trump said that he wants to do about this deal 17-billion-dollar deal john. >> i think the interesting thing about the lockheed martin tweet is the fact he said he wants to increase defense spending but doesn't want to be stupid about it we are going he is basically telling lockheed other contractors we're going to give increase defense spending you got to help us out as well don't think you know 20 billion from -- >> allocation of money we had that report leaked 125 billion dollars in waste in defense department. >> exactly. >> we have a bigger logisti couldn't say department within u.s. military than ups is,
8:41 am
basically people handling jo liftics larger than yuntdz parcel service. >> who is one of trump's biggest supporters i am sure going to help on that one, his -- >> he has to go through all contracts and deals everything else see what the heck is going on. >> an allocation of resources like you can take that 125 billion dollars, that is 50 -- is it men versus machine, is it people in the back office? -- >> watching -- >> joint strike fighter cost 1.5 trillion dollars they haven't been combat rad snafu after snafu. >> trouble flying in the rain. >> ridiculous. >> not only that, you go back to you know all that, can you extrapolate a little bit you probably can but there is ways to get things done, and a lot of those common sense but i think he is bringing all like you said the best leaders to government to really squeeze out waste, and also save everybody money --
8:42 am
>> let me ask you before you go do you see investor interest in defense stocks where do you see most interest. >> diamonds right now what they are -- >> holidays, you know. >> exactly so long as doing quite well right now obviously with russel you see big cap stocks, feeling a lot better, because so heavily waetdz a lot of -- >> the dollar strength. >> exactly. >> the trade -- >> good to see you thanks so much john, coming up at the elitist vote democratic stuart varney weighs in a on voting pattern from country's wealthiest cities disney huge year at box office about to get bigger "star wars" interrogatory "rogue one" what it could mean. back in a minute.
8:43 am
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maria: welcome back, 45 minutes until opening bell on wall street, we've got a nikkei average japan 2016 high market in u.s. looking at new heights dow jones industrial averages expected another record high each if rest of the market lower this morning couple names on move watching disney company winning weekend box office yet again, with moana ahead of he release of "star wars" "rogue one", that kicks off, and gets the theatres on friday reviews for the film great so far, some analysts are worried that fans will respond to the first nonsaga film differently we will see disney shares up 7% month over month watching gm today, ceo telling business insider excited for the plan for driving self-driving cars, gm testing both vemz arizona and california gm looking
8:47 am
higher, voting democrat host of "varney & company" stuart varney with voting patterns from america' of battle cities. >> i continue resist one theme of "varney & company" you have seen a revolution voting elites very solidly democrat very different from my early days in america when elites were country club republicans i got numbers together, san francisco richest city in america 85% hillary clinton, 9% for donald trump pb, greenwich connecticut 56 to 39 manhattan new york city 87% to hill, 10% for donald trump. if you look at the 25 richest counties in america, hillary clinton won 15 of them by a very wide margin that is a reversal what i remember when i first came to america elites
8:48 am
now vote democrat surprised at this. >> why do you think that is stuart? i mean i asked the question recently why has media not done its job, why are academics spewing out this stuff, to students? what do you think the answer is why? >> that is a very good question, i am not sure i got a really good answer for you. i think the media and the academics think of themselves as philosophy kings they are smarter than we are just listen to us, shut up and vote our way. i think that is what is coming down the pike here. but there is something else going on i can't quite put my finger on frairngnkly i know its there trying to put answer to your question. >> struggling between nationalism and globalism what is firmly believe this is about, globally elites think they benefit from more open border immigration society average every day americans don't believe it. >> plus, the expansionary
8:49 am
pumping out of money by central banks pumped up america's stock market the elites done best out of that doing well from accommodation of obama's policies, that janet yellen put in place at federal reserve there is a lot going on i just feel that election donald trump is a pivotal point exposes underlying dynamics. >> you said hill won 15, donald trump won 3,000. >> 25 richest counties in the united states, hillary clinton won 15 of them by wide margins. >> see you in 10 minutes. >> sure thing. >> "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" i will see you 11:00 stuart coming up moving key to the cloud one company potato high-tech solution to ensure you never get locked out of your home again, back in a minute.
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. maria: no more loss keys never worry about losing keys thanks to key me copy home office car keys save copies to the cloud using phone kiosks available bed bath and beyond rite-aid 7-eleven, good to see you how does this work. >> -- disruption locks, orchestration the industry, poorly run fragmented, so we do is we let you actually scan a physical copy of your key from phone we use computer vision if you want a copy we ship you a copy in the mail if
8:54 am
locked out go to the retail reof course print out on the spot saving hundreds of bucks from lob smith we do cars can pull transponder information for the key a copy of that -- >> there are some keys that cannot be copied, this you can still copy those keys? >> our goal copy as many keys as possible securely possible enhancing security some he makers medico multilock working with us to because of a security fiercist we have multilock i know there are some keys owner has to make number of copies they cannot be copied we have been talking about hacking. is it secure in terms of being in the cloud your key in the cloud? >> yee, -- security is a core value two buckets first making sure people only copying keys
8:55 am
they should be copying you look the way people are copying keys lock submitting or hardware you go in -- there is no way to verifier who you are no way what key you are making currently zero accountability no control no accountability. for the first time ever we actually have, all this information associated with every key we make, so financial paper trail have sec footage first time holding people accountable. >> holding people accountable you have got that information you are a real disrupter disrupting lock submitting where do you get the funding what are you using money for. >> fortunate to have amazing group of investors, 25 million -- equity, so we raised 70 million dollars to date, we are really putting the money towards expanding the kiosk next we have 300, next 12 hundreds we will have 3,000
8:56 am
expanding across the country, with retailers. >> those are you've got partnerships with those retailers. >> exactly we're in about a dozen different retailers across country in 20 states, and biggest challenge we have, as a company, is the delta between number of kiosks retailers requesting the number we have currently those retailers are requesting about 10,000 we are trying to build as many as possible. >> thank you so much we will be right back with first look at golden globe nominations you don't want to miss it, back in a second.
8:57 am
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see how at quickbooks-dot-com. >> all right. the nominees are out for golden globes, amy adams, denzel washington, casey affleck, best actor in a drama film, casey affleck. best picks, game of thrones and stranger things. nominees, hackshaw ridge and manchester by the sea. dagen: hacksaw ridge is mel gibson directed. talk about a comeback. he gets a best director. manchester by the sea is in theaters now. kenne kenneth monergan write and directed and casey affleck just
9:00 am
slays. >> game of thrones for life. maria: we will watch the developments. kevin kelly, dagen mcdowell. harlan hill. "varney & company" starts right now. stuart, i'll send it over to you. stuart: we'll see you in a couple of hours on the show. >> i'll be there. stuart: look forward to t elections have consequences and in the five weeks since the vote, a whole new world is emerging. good morning, the president-elect, quote, is not necessarily bound by the one china policy. that's new, uproar in beijing. uproar from democrats as rex tillerson becomes the front runner for state he's a friend of putin. and the brand new ka-do cabinet marches on and so does the trumle rally.


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